Matcha Tea Powder: A Herbal And Organic Product From Japan

In Japan, during the 12th century, matcha tea powder became a staple ingredient upon which, the traditional tea ceremonies of Japanese people were built. Essentially, this variety is processed green tea leaves, stone ground into delicate powder. When shopping, tea is generally pricier than other existing green teas as a laborious process is required to obtain the powder.

The southern half of Japan, especially Nishio, Uji, Shizuoka, and Ogura are the most popular growing regions. Here 20 days prior to the harvest, the tea bushes are covered to prevent direct sunlight that boosts the plant’s chlorophyll level, increases the production of L-Theanine and turns the leaves into a darker shade. When these leaves are dried, these become sencha and later on their stems and veins are removed before these are ground to fine powder. To prepare matcha tea, the powder is sifted to bowl and then whisked up into hot water until it becomes frothy. The lingering sweetness, grassy notes and unique aroma makes is different of all teas. Matcha tea has strong, umami taste and so, it is sweetened to improve its palatability.

This variety is believed to have unmatched antioxidant properties but the health benefits extend far beyond it. To slim down and strengthen your immune system, you can take it on a daily basis. Apart from this, you’ll experience several other health benefits that you have been seeking for. Its improves your memory, induces calm alertness, keeps you energized, prevents cancer and early signs of aging, maintains sugar level in blood and improves metabolic rate.

As matcha quality is key, experts say that such a variety comes at a cost. In case, you find low priced green powders in the market then surely, none of these are matcha. High quality, purest and healthiest matcha powder is always expensive and so, if any powder is with a low price tag, it’s a red flag for poor quality. With the best quality matcha, you are taking actual leaves and ingesting the real anti-oxidant power.

How to get the best quality matcha powder especially, when it is expensive? If you want to take delicious and the most nutritious cup of matcha daily without going out of the budget, then some good websites can help you. You simply need to make sure that all its tea powders are directly sourced from Japan and then choose the powder as per your budget and needs. With the help of some U.S. based suppliers, you can buy the best matcha powder without going out of your budget. For effortless, under-budget and the most comfortable shopping, it will be prudent to buy this product from online stores. With the product reviews and website information, you’ll be able to analyze whether or not the product is same, you have been looking for.